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If you want to increase your organic traffic, you need to fix technical SEO issues to rank high on search engines. You should make your website friendly for website crawlers to navigate through.

There are several technical issues that you should fix to make your website user-friendly. Google and other search engines reward sites that have a user-friendly interface. Over the past few years, Google core updates have affected websites that are unfriendly to visitors. Before yours becomes next, SEO Uprise can help you with technical website optimization.

Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO or optimization is a strategy to fix the errors on your site which may affect crawlability, indexing, and user experience. Technical SEO aims to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, among others.
Unlike on-page and off-page SEO, technical optimization focuses on making a website search engine friendly. The former techniques mostly help to improve the user experience. However, the three work together to make your website user and search engine-friendly. SEO Uprise is your number one solution to technical SEO to improve your rankings.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is a diagnosis process before offering any fixes on your site. SEO Uprise does a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify any issue. Correct diagnosis helps to devise the right solution.
Our SEO experts have years of experience across industries. We cut through all the contents of your site and identify areas that need improvement.

Technical SEO Checklist

We have several technical SEO techniques that we use to boost your website performance. Because we understand every business is unique, we apply the most relevant strategies for your business after the audit.

Friendly User Experience (UX)

How navigable is your website? How do potential clients interact with your site? After visiting a website, the user should be able to perform the task that they want. Good on-page and off-SEO strategies improve your ranking, but user experience determines how well you solve a problem.
A good UX reduces bounce rate and communicates to web crawlers that you are solving the problem. If visitors spend only 2 seconds on your website, it shows you didn’t meet the expectation. SEO Uprise helps you optimize your website for a good user experience.

Mobile Friendliness

Is your site mobile-friendly? Mobile-friendly websites work the same way across all devices; nothing changes on the computer and the mobile device. There are no usability complaints on the device in use.
SEO Uprise helps you analyze your site and improve mobile-friendliness. We will help you address three main goals, which are presentation, performance, and context. Your web visitors should enjoy static content, simplified navigation, and well-displayed but smaller images. The mobile version should not depend on an operating system for it to work as it should.

Avoid Broken Links

A broken link is a link to a webpage that fails to work. When users try to access the page, they receive an error message or are directed to the error 404 page. Various reasons lead to broken links, such as a changed page, restricted access, or mistyped URL.
If you want your website to perform optimally, you need to avoid broken links. They ruin the user experience, and your website visitors may decide to exit the site. Broken links also affect your Google and other search engines rankings. SEO Uprise offers comprehensive services to evaluate your site, ensuring there are no broken links.

Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate content harms your SEO strategy. It happens when there is another webpage with the same information. Duplicate content on a webpage confuses the search engines as they cannot identify the preferred, original, or comprehensive content piece.
The search engine robots, rankings, link equity, or page authority are split between the duplicate URLs. When there is duplicate content, search engines may not always select the same URL every time. You need to solve the problem to increase your SEO ranking.

Identify Thin Content

Technical SEO or optimization also solves problems related to thin content. Thin content on websites does not offer real value to your website visitors. They include content poorly written only for SEO aiming at generating clicks.
Webpages with thin content do not perform well in the search results. It may contain content scraped from other sites, affiliate pages, links without relevant information, and short pages with 250 words or fewer. SEO Uprise is your best solution for identifying thin content.

Optimize Images

Images are essential when it comes to SEO ranking. Optimizing images speeds up page loading, increasing search engine rating and user experience. Understanding the basic image optimization skills is a plus to your SEO strategy.
Optimizing images refers to the creation and delivery of high-quality images. Optimized images have the ideal format, resolution, and size. It also accurately labels images for search engines crawlers and easy content identification.

Submit Sitemap

A sitemap refers to the file within your domain where you place all the information about the videos, pages, and other files and how they relate to each other. Search engines access this information and use it as a guide to find pages on your site. It also contains information such as the last page update, alternate languages, and how often the page changes.
Sitemaps help search engines to discover your site. For improved site indexing, you can add the sitemap to Google’s Search Console. We submit a sitemap that shows valuable pages. We also index important pages ensuring they contain the most up-to-date information. Sitemaps also help ensure a stable index status.

Set Up Google Console & Analytics

Google console is free for anyone who has a website. It allows you to monitor how Google views your site and optimizes the site’s organic presence. Google Console allows you to analyze your site’s performance, SEO rankings, and other metrics.
SEO Uprise helps you set up your Google Analytics and Console accounts and links them. The information you obtain helps you learn a lot about your site and what to do to improve it.

Optimize Your Website robot.txt file

Robots.txt is a simple text file that creates instructions for web robots. They show search engines where to or not go on the site. SEO Uprise can help you optimize your website robot.txt file for better performance
Making a mistake on the robots.txt file can mess up SEO and hinder search engines from accessing important information. We provide unmatched services that correct these errors to increase SEO ranking.

Find Search Engine Crawl Errors

Search engine crawl errors impact the SEO performance of your page. You want to identify such vulnerabilities and fix the issues to improve your rankings. These errors affect user experience.
Once the crawlers realize there are many uncrawlable pages on your site, they prioritize other pages, affecting your website performance. It takes quite some time to start building this rating once it is affected. SEO Uprise finds crawl errors and fixes the issues to maintain and increase your rating.

Use Secure Protocol

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer encrypts information sent by your site visitors. It allows for secure connections from the server to the browser. SEO Uprise helps you include SSL on your website URL to promote SEO performance.
As users visit your website, they see a secure site as trustworthy. The site also gains more authority over other sites which, increases your site’s click-through rate.

Fix Your Website Speed

How is your site’s speed? Page speed refers to the time it takes for the page to display content fully. It is also described as ‘time to first byte’, which is the duration it takes from the browser to receive the first byte of information from the server.
We will conduct speed optimization for the site and pages to help improve conversion. Your website’s speed influences visibility; once fixed, it increases SEO ranking.

Let's Fix Your Technical SEO

Is your website slow? Are you wondering why some of your pages are not indexed? Have you employed the best on-page and off-page SEO strategies but still ranking low? Maybe your site requires technical SEO error fixing. Get in touch with us for a comprehensive audit and strategy. We are here to help improve your site’s crawlability, speed, and indexability.