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Keyword Research

Most businesses are caught in a dilemma with millions of keywords to target. SEO Uprise does research and analyzes the right keywords for your audience. The process helps you to avoid highly competitive keywords and focus on easy-to-rank phrases.

Our SEO experts have extensive knowledge of using various keyword research tools. We employ an array of methods to come up with the best keywords for your ecommerce or organization.

keyword research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a strategy of identifying the terms that users type in search engines to find your products, services, or information relevant to your business. Our SEO experts use different tools to find the keywords.

SEO Uprise Keyword Research Process

Understand Your Audience

Our experts do keyword research with the end goal in mind. The objective of writing content is to reach your customers. After that, you want the target audience to take a specific action.
We ask questions like:
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the interests of your potential customers?
  • What action do you want the target to take?
  • How can you outdo your competitors?
  • Where are your potential customers located?
  • How do customers search for your services or products?

Identify Your Buyer Persona

You can have more than one target group. It is essential to group the customers to identify the keywords to use for each category. If we take the solar energy industry as an example, there are different audiences.
  • Environment conservation enthusiast
  • People who want to reduce or eliminate electricity bills
  • Technology enthusiasts
  • Curious minds who want to know more about solar
We will help you group your target audience into different categories. We put effort into this process because it determines the success of your campaigns.

Identify Primary Keywords

Primary keywords refer to the general phrases or words which are relevant to your business. In most cases, primary keywords are highly competitive and have a low conversion rate.
Before you think about keyword research tools, think about the services you provide. For example, a solar company that supplies solar panels and offers solar installation services could focus on phrases like solar energy, solar power, solar panels, solar panel installation, and so on. The primary keywords are essential in getting your secondary keywords.

Identify Primary Competitors

If you are new in business, probably your target scope is more extensive than you think. That is why you should use data from competitors to understand your keyword scope. The process also helps us to identify the ideas we can borrow from competitors.
SEO Uprise identifies 3 top competitors for your business. Among the three competitors, two should be doing better while the third should be at your level. The diversity helps you to focus ahead and track where you are coming from.

Create Keyword Reports

At this point, we have three competitors and primary keywords. It is time to do technical stuff. However, it is easy to pull keyword reports from various tools. Our SEO experts use the following keyword research tools:
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
We pull reports for the primary competitors, which help us to know how they are ranking. The report also shows the relevant keywords for your industry. We also pull reports for phrases related to the primary keywords. The reports are the foundation for the next step after keyword research.

Flowing Header Tags

Your content should be like a book. One idea should lead to another. Header tags are essential because they show web crawlers the most significant parts of your content. Heading tags run from H1 to H6. H1 is the primary heading of your page.
Our SEO experts identify any improper use of header tags to improve the performance of your pages. Whether writing a blog post or putting up the home page, you should use the heading tags correctly for high ranking on SERPs.

Keyword Analytics

SEO Uprise helps you to identify the keywords to target through our data-driven analytics. We use the reports from our keyword research to map keywords to different pages on your site.
Our keyword analytics identifies high conversion keywords for your business. Although some phrases may have high search volumes, the conversion rate may be low. For example, someone searching for solar energy may not be interested in installation.

SEO Uprise uses different keyword metrics to advise your business on the keywords to target.

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Current ranking
  • Google trends

Search Volume

Search volume refers to the number of people searching for a particular phrase every month. The metric is essential because it shows the volume of the target audience you can reach by targeting the keyword.

Keyword Difficulty (KD)

The ease of ranking on search engine result pages differs for different phrases. We identify low KD phrases which have high search volume. Ranking high in search engine result pages is easier, and you will get more organic traffic.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

How much are competitors willing to pay to feature on the Google ads section for a particular phrase? The metric helps us to know essential keywords for your business. If a keyword has a high CPC, it shows the possibility of conversion is high.

Current Ranking

If you have an online presence, we identify the keywords you are already ranking for. The objective is to improve the position and map the phrase with other related keywords.

Google trends

The metric shows the changes in search volume for the keyword. Some keywords become obsolete over time and may not be the best to target. We target static keywords which will keep your website ranking for years.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Our SEO experts identify any improper use of header tags to improve the performance of your pages. Whether writing a blog post or putting up the home page, you should use the heading tags correctly for high ranking on SERPs.
The objective of keyword research and analytics is to choose the right keywords for your business.
We use the different metrics to get the most relevant, easy-to-rank, and search engine-friendly keywords.
SEO Uprise helps businesses increase conversions with the right keyword strategy. Our data-driven keyword research and analytics guarantee results. A combination of quality content and keyword research guarantees a high ranking on search engine result pages.

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And get a comprehensive keyword strategy that will transform your business. If you want your products to feature on the product carousel, keyword research is the best strategy. We also help businesses improve ranking for relevant keywords. Our expertise using various tools guarantees nothing but a high return on investment.