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Are you finding it challenging to rank multiple business locations on search engines like Google? This is common when handling SEO for franchises. You may find that one franchise has duplicated content with another or unnecessary interlinking. But guess what? Franchise SEO will make your site rank higher on Google.

At SEO Uprise, we provide franchise SEO services to help your business outrank competitors. We are your go-to partner when it comes to ongoing SEO management, local SEO, technical SEO, content SEO, SEO audit, and many more.

Let’s start with the franchise SEO services we offer!

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Franchise SEO: What Is It?

It is a type of SEO that focuses on improving the visibility of your franchise business on search engine results. Your franchise SEO strategy depends on whether you want to market your franchise location or brand.  

For example, local SEO tactics are the best to use if you want to promote your franchise location. On the other hand, if you want your franchise brand to rank higher on search engines, you can encourage franchisees to keep updating their profiles or hire a franchise SEO expert to do it. 

A Strategic SEO Process for Multiple Business Locations

Elements of franchise SEO

For every SEO strategy to bear fruits, it needs a well-outlined process. At SEO Uprise, we handle all you need to make your franchise location more visible in the search results. Besides, our plan helps to turn a one-time visitor into a regular customer. Here is our result-driven process.

Competitor Analysis

Every business has competitors. And for you to have a competitive advantage over them, you need to know what they are doing and make it better. We are franchise SEO experts that will help you track your competitors. We conduct a competitive digital analysis for your top competitors. Besides, we identify SEO keywords and top-selling terms in your area of specialization.

On the other hand, we analyze your site’s content, local visibility, structure, coding, and off-site citations. Afterward, we compare them with your competitors’ sites to develop an SEO plan that will help you stand out.

Website Content & Code Optimization

Another key component in franchise SEO is content and code optimization. We help optimize by editing your content and website structure to align with SEO’s highest standards. Besides, we optimize the conversion rate for website elements such as contact forms and internal links to allow your customers to navigate the pages faster and easier.

Also, when your site is mobile-friendly and user-friendly, it is likely to get more traffic. Therefore, we optimize it to achieve these characteristics for maximum customer satisfaction.

Providing New & Creative Content

Updating your website with new content frequently is key for search engine results. We provide franchise SEO services to help you improve your local search rankings. Besides, it helps keep your target customer informed of your latest services or products.

On the other hand, we include optimized creative content elements such as videos and infographics to pass the message precisely. As a result, your franchise can stand out in any of its locations.

Conducting Local SEO

Local SEO is another critical aspect of franchise optimization. It helps your brand to outdo other local businesses. In our process, we locate and audit your current citation on online directories such as Yelp and Facebook. This is because customers check the reputation of companies on these sites before they purchase. It also helps them to find the contact details of your franchise.

Also, we update and optimize your Google My Business Page for customers to access your location, phone number, and business hours. Finally, we go ahead to discover and manage your local citation and backlink opportunities to build your site’s authority.

Detailed Reporting of Your Site's Performance

You can’t understand the benefits of an SEO company for a franchise unless you see the results. That is why we provide transparent and detailed reports of all the SEO campaigns we have done for your site. We also monitor the analysis of your site frequently to identify if there are any sales-damaging events. 

Our reports are easy to understand. You can tell what you paid for because you can see the status of your site on search engines. You can also request tracked incoming phone calls reports for every marketing channel.

performance reporting

Conducting Digital PR

Digital PR is a crucial element in improving your brand’s presence on search engines and engaging with your target audience. Therefore, we help your franchise with journalist outreach, backlink building, content development, and publication analysis for a unique digital PR campaign.

We know how to mix a classic PR strategy and SEO approach to develop a digital PR campaign that suits your franchise needs. As a result, you increase your online presence on search engines for customers to find your business easily.

Monitoring & Tracking SEO Campaigns

Tracking SEO campaigns for a franchise can be challenging, but we’ve got you. We monitor your site’s keyword rankings, calls, and organic traffic. Besides, we track the keyword ranking of your competitors to know the areas we can improve on your site.

In addition, we keep an eye on the trends happening in your industry to update your site for your target audience.

How We Do It

At SEO Uprise, we understand that SEO for franchises is more challenging than in other industries. This is due to different locations and inconsistent web data for the separate entities. Therefore, getting things consistent across all the franchises can be difficult. That is why you need an SEO company that has previously worked with franchisors and franchisees. And guess what? We have exceptional franchise SEO packages that suit your need.

We provide 3 key things that help all franchise locations to rank organically on search engines.

The Code & Structure of the Website

Franchise websites are massive, and they can be challenging to handle at a go. Their CMS has a lot as it manages all the locations in a single domain or as individual websites, making it tedious to work on. However, you can’t ignore the SEO strategy for your franchises because it forms the basis of important SEO aspects. 

Besides, there will be changes within the franchises due to internal and external factors. Therefore, you need a Content Management System software to update those changes. We help in ongoing SEO management by routinely monitoring the individual websites of each franchise. This is to help your franchises’ website maintain the highest SEO standards.

Volumes of Quality Content

Are you producing massive content, yet other companies outrank your franchise? If yes, you need to think about the content you are creating. Top-notch content will consistently rank on search engines. That is why we provide franchise SEO content services.

We understand that good content matching your target audience will link them to your site. We design a content strategy for your franchise by keyword research, competitor analysis, quality writing, and formatting. Besides, we focus on the search intent to understand what your audience searches for on search engines.

Local SEO

Your franchise has different locations within a state, country, or worldwide. Have you done local SEO for each location to target customers who search for your products or services within your location? We are here to help you out with local SEO. We drive local visitors to your website by using several strategies. These are;

Adding your franchises' different locations on Google Map

Most people will find a store by searching for relevant keywords on Google. On the other hand, Google provides maps to show the direction of the store which the customer chooses. Therefore, it is crucial to have this franchise SEO feature for all your locations. If the location doesn’t appear on Google map results, the Google Business Profile helps out.

Listing all the franchise locations on Yelp

Yelp is a trusted review site and when your franchise appears there, be sure to get regular clients. We add all your franchise locations to this site for your brand visibility. Besides, it helps your customers find the contact details, products, and services. Customers visiting your franchise can review it on Yelp, helping other local customers see what they liked and disliked about a particular location.

Using a consistent brand for all your franchise locations

One of the local SEO challenges for franchises is not sticking with their established brands. As a result, they confuse their customers and hinder them from visiting their location. However, we ensure that we stick to the franchisor brand when doing a franchise SEO strategy. We use your franchisor logo, colors, and brand identity to build your brand’s visibility. 

Adding a location-schema markup for franchise locations

Schema markup or structured data is vital in your SEO strategy. It helps to provide search engines with a specific answer about your page’s content. As a result, search engines can easily understand your page and its content and, in return, rank them on top of search results. We ensure we add each franchise schema for a better local search.

Does Your Franchise Need an SEO Agency?

One of the best ways to grow your business currently is by ranking higher on search engines. You can achieve this by seeking franchise SEO services, and we are here for you.

We provide complete local SEO services for franchises. Our areas of specialization are ongoing SEO management, technical SEO, content writing, local optimization, site audit, and digital PR. Your franchise presence will increase locally and on search engines when you work with us.

Try us today for a tailored franchise SEO strategy for your business. Our team of experts will take you through the whole process and help you enjoy the benefits of franchise SEO!

Franchise SEO FAQs

Why is SEO for franchises important?

One of the main benefits of having SEO services for your franchise is easily reaching your target customers near your location. Once your brand’s name is well-known, customers will be willing to visit the nearby store to purchase a product or service. This is because they have confidence through your online presence. As a result, whether you have a physical location for your franchise or operate from the corporate office of your franchise brand, you will reach your target audience and generate sales.

Which challenges can you face with SEO for multiple locations?

Getting SEO for multiple locations in place can be challenging. You have to implement a consistent SEO strategy for all the franchises. Therefore, in the process of developing a well-tailored strategy, you may make a few mistakes.

First, you may duplicate content from another franchisee. Besides, you can have unnecessary interlinking within pages. This can hinder your online presence. Finally, you may use outdated contact information. Ensure that your franchise gives the correct name, phone number, and address. If you are promoting your franchise location, don’t use your corporate brand’s details; instead, provide the specific information for the area.

How does SEO work for franchises in different locations?

Companies doing SEO for franchises use different strategies. One of the best techniques is to use one website and create a local landing page for each location. Under the landing page, you can create different content pages for each franchise location.

What do franchise SEO services include?

If you are a franchise owner, you could be wondering which franchise SEO services you need to seek. A good franchise SEO package should include an SEO strategy for your brand or location, website optimization, top-notch content, performance tracking and reports, and improved site usability for users. 

Which are some of the SEO tips for beginners?

If you are new to SEO, there are tips that you should follow for your website to rank on search engines. One of the basic things is to conduct keywords search and use them naturally in your content. Besides, optimize your page titles and metadata. Finally, optimize your page content.

Do I need to hire an SEO company for my franchise?

An SEO company handles your online presence daily, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your franchise business. Besides, doing franchise SEO on your own can be challenging and tedious. That is why you need a franchise SEO company to help you out.