What Does a Comprehensive SEO Marketing Package Entail?

SEO Package

We live in a highly digital world with over 60% of interactions starting online. Many customers will first search their desired services and goods on search engines before visiting a store or ordering online. They start this exploration without a single brand in mind. Many SEO companies provide services to businesses, helping them leverage this ready market. These companies offer SEO packages to help you integrate optimization into your online profile. There are various Search engine optimization packages that you can consider. 

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What Do SEO Packages entail?

SEO marketing packages include pre-selected services that help business owners make quick decisions. SEO experts and companies provide these services to bill you monthly or annually. There are various SEO package prices depending on the features and services offered. Google is the leading search engine though others are coming up. 

Types of SEO

Whether you are looking for cheap SEO packages or are running a business with a large budget, you can choose from the following types:

Local SEO Package

If you provide goods or services for a particular region, you can choose a local SEO package. The optimization ensures anyone looking for your products or services near your area will find it. It is ideal for businesses with physical locations such as retailers, legal services, and other services. 

Ideally, local SEO help improves your Google My Business page. In addition, it ensures your company ranks high on the SERP. At SEO Uprise, we provide the following local SEO services:

  • Agency expertise: a dedicated professional for your niche.
  • On-page local SEO: keyword research, optimized local meta title and description, relevant address, and posts optimized with local terms. 
  • Citation management: Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, setting up and optimizing Google My Business and Facebook, and location verification.
  • Review management: tracking reviews and social interaction notification. It can also involve positing positive reviews directly to your website.
  • Reporting: the reports will include profile views, website visits, local search performance, google local rankings, and rising and decreasing keywords. 

The prices you pay for local SEO depend on the chosen package and the duration of the service. You will find several packages within this service: automated, small-scale, and comprehensive local SEO. It is one of the ideal optimization solutions for small businesses. 

National SEO Package

If your business operates on a broader scale, you can choose this package. Selecting a local SEO package can be limiting for a business competing with established companies across the country. National SEO offers a better chance of growing the brand and increasing your impact. 

It focuses on the content on your site, where the SEO expert constantly updates relevant keywords for better impact. Additionally, the professional will use backlinks which helps improve google ranking for your business. Below are some of the optimization techniques that can help grow your business’ organic ranking:

  • Basic site audit
  • A backlink audit and implementing fixes
  • Technical SEO audit and fixes
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competition research
  • Building landing page and navigation if needed.
  • Optimized blogs
  • Sharing blogs
  • designing or setting up social media channels for your business
  • Interlinking
  • Link building 

Though you can find a comprehensive national SEO package offering this service at a higher fee, you can choose other plans within the package when operating on a budget. At SEO Uprise, our national SEO plans are custom-designed to suit your business and marketing needs. 

site audit

SEO Audit Package

SEO audit refers to identifying site issues preventing high ranking on SERPs. If your website has issues, it hinders search engine crawling and indexing. For this reason, you fail to compete well in the market. 

Notably, site audit is complex, and few business owners know how to go about it. SEO experts provide packages purposely for the site audit, thereby identifying issues that need fixing; this audit should be simple to understand. The report should communicate the actions needed to solve the problems. The SEO audit process includes: 

  • Analyzing the overall site’s strengths and working up an SEO strategy.
  • A comprehensive audit includes competitor score-card, future site strategies, and backlink issues.
  • Pinpointing off-page and on-page factors that affect your search ranking

Businesses can benefit from a comprehensive site audit. It can help identify duplicate content, backlink errors, broken links, duplicate meta descriptions, web copy editing, HTML validation, similar title tags, error pages, site statistics, and page loading time. 

Importance of SEO packages

It is possible to find a free SEO consultation package. In addition, many sites have information on reaching your SEO goals. However, you are better off investing in a complete SEO package to achieve long-term success. Additionally, optimization is not straightforward. Its rules and strategies constantly evolve as many businesses and users join the online world. 

SEO packages provide options to business owners to avoid catastrophic errors. You can leverage professional skills and up-to-date knowledge in this field to give your business an edge. 

How to Choose an SEO Marketing Package

Your chosen SEO firm has a crucial impact on your business. It is the difference between increased organic traffic or a decrease in your google ranking. There are many SEO packages, but if you are keen to get the best results, watch out for the following features: 

  • Distinct and clear SEO strategy showing how you will achieve your goals. The package should not have generic or broad terms; it should indicate the firm’s actions to achieve your objectives. 
  • A good track record: You should see client reviews indicating their experience with the agency.
  • Understand your business and what it offers. The SEO agency should know what you need to achieve with the campaign and a plan of how to achieve it.
  • Communicate effectively and reliably.

Remember, choose a firm with a specific action plan on achieving your goals and not abstract ideas. When selecting an SEO package, ensure the services offered focus on white hat SEO. Avoid agencies that provide black hat SEO, as this hurts your rankings.  

Make sure you communicate your company’s goals effectively to allow the agency to recommend a package that best suits these goals. When working with a local SEO package, you can’t expect national SEO results. If you have narrowed it down to a specific SEO package, talk with the vendor and ask for a demonstration to determine its suitability. 

Be open to changing your website in terms of content and structure depending on the SEO expert’s recommendation to achieve your goals. For this reason, mutual trust has to exist to allow the strategy to yield fruits.

Monthly, Stand Alone, or Fixed SEO Plan: Which one is the Best?

SEO is a complex service, and various business owners rarely know which is the best plan to choose. There are three types of payment methods: monthly, stand-alone, or fixed plan payments. 

  • Monthly SEO Plan: it refers to an ongoing monthly subscription. A monthly SEO plan is advantageous when starting an SEO campaign; it allows you to evaluate the agency’s consistency and effectiveness. You can terminate the service at any time. However, your services can get cut off if there is an invoicing issue. 
  • Stand-alone SEO plan: when planning to focus on one element of SEO, you can pay a one-off fee for that service. It is ideal for focusing on one aspect of SEO, such as keywords research or backlinks. However, you can incur a higher cost if you add more services. 
  • Fixed Price SEO plan: refers to a fee paid for a specific duration for various services. Ideally, you use this option if you trust your vendor. If you had worked with them before and delivered quality services, you can pay once and relax. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel the service if the services are substandard. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an SEO Package

You can keep in mind various rules when choosing an SEO marketing package. Below are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid.

  • Going for a company without a proven track record
  • Choosing an agency that uses black hat SEO, such as purchasing backlinks
  • Selecting a package with outdated SEO strategies. Have a conversation with the SEO expert to understand their strategy. 
  • Choosing an agency that does not understand your industry or your customers
  • Selecting a package promising faster results. SEO is an art, and it requires time for you to see results when you use the recommended strategies. 


When selecting an SEO plan, you need to determine if it suits your needs and objectives. You also need to know how much money you are willing to spend based on those objectives. It also helps to have an SEO strategy for your business which you can share with the agency during the initial conversation.